Campfire Conversations – Ep#15 – Brightworks – Hugo, Junior Collaborator – Children as mentors

While visiting Brightworks Tinkering School in San Francisco Daniel Burton met with Hugo, a junior Collaborator whose role it is to mentor younger visitors to the centre’s school holiday summer camps. Hugo gives Daniel some advice on the best way to go about starting up a tinkering school and why it’s important to have a role model when learning how to use tools. Daniel and Trudi were so impressed with Hugo’s confidence, awareness, maturity and mentoring ability that they were thrilled when he agreed to be a part of this video blog series. It’s so important that we remember to give space to the voices of children and acknowledge their ability to be teachers themselves. Brightworks empowers children in wonderful ways, their junior collaborator program is just one of many. Check out Brightworks a part of the Institute of Applied Tinkering Check out their website and like them on Facebook to help them continue their amazing work!