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Campfire Conversations – Ep#15 – Brightworks – Hugo, Junior Collaborator – Children as mentors

While visiting Brightworks Tinkering School in San Francisco Daniel Burton met with Hugo, a junior Collaborator whose role it is to mentor younger visitors to the centre’s school holiday summer camps. Hugo gives Daniel some advice on the best way to go about starting up a tinkering school and why it’s important to have a…

Campfire Conversations – Ep#14 – Brightworks – Karen Dwyer-Meadow, Tinkering School Manager

Tool use amongst children, especially young children, can cause concern, apprehension and even fear in adults. Daniel Burton meets with Karen Dwyer-Meadow (Tinkering School Manager), Brightworks San Francisco, and discusses the background of the school’s procedure behind working with tools. They cover the reasons why it is important to guard against adult fear impacting on…

Campfire Conversations – Ep#13 – Wilderness Awareness School – Survival and Nature Connection in a Modern Age

Join Trudi Bennett as she speaks with Dan Corcoran, Samuel Bowman and Rachael Witt from the Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall, Washington. The facilitators of the weekend Survival Basics Course share their reasons of why survival skills are important to them as human beings in a modern age.

Campfire Conversations – Ep#12 – Wolf Camp – Personal Responsibility

Join Daniel Burton and Trudi Bennett at Wolf Camp and the Conservation College by Lake Sammamish, Seattle. They reflect on their experience at Chris and Kim Chisholm’s family day camp of Survival Skills and Fire by Friction. Daniel and Trudi discuss how modern children have lost some independence skills and how they might integrate survival…

Campfire Conversations – Ep#11 – NatureBridge – Jen Kidder and Inquiry Based Learning

  In Episode 11 of Campfire Conversations Trudi Bennett meets Jen Kidder, Educcation Director of NatureBridge in Olympic National Park, Washington. Jen shares the value of Inquiry Based Learning and how students respond by engaging in science investigations they design and conduct themselves with the support of educators.