Children (1 – 5 year olds)

Mud Pies Open Days

Mud Pies Open Days are an opportunity for families to engage in nature play activities and enjoy being in community outdoors.  Developed to enhance sensory integration, foster resilience and support nature connection, the facilitated sessions help parents and children connect with nature and each other. This process re-energises and brings about a sense of peace.

Our regular fortnightly Mud Pies Nature Playgroups are currently on hold while we redevelop and consolidate some of our programs. In the meantime, we hope that you are able to join us for the Mud Pies Open Days.

The sessions cost is $20 for a child and parent/guardian. $15 for siblings.

Tapping: 8 May, 12 June
Baldivis: 15 May, 12 June
Mosman Park: 5 May, 23 June
Kalamunda: 16 June
Crawley: 16 May, 13 June

To make a booking for Mud Pies Grove, please visit

Mud Pies – sensory development in nature for children aged 1 – 5.
Children are encouraged to move and challenge their bodies, developing muscular strength, motor and coordination skills, through moving on uneven surfaces, climbing rocks and low trees, splashing in water, picking up and manipulating small objects. They are provided with sensory materials to investigate, encouraging curiosity, creativity, increasing body awareness as well as a love for different materials. Parents are supported with information based on current research and community discussion to allow children the freedom to move through these spaces as well as the opportunity to create natural resources for their play spaces at home. Music forms a big part of the Mud Pie group providing group unity through singing and playing along with the ukulele, and developing a new set of educational nursery rhymes for the Australian outdoors.
Mud Pies Grove is a school holiday and weekend opportunity to experience the Mud Pies Nature Playgroup session in a stand alone session. Come and explore what Mud Pies is all about!
Mud Pies Grove can also be booked by existing groups, local councils, festivals and birthday parties. For more information please contact
Contact us at for more information.
When you arrive at a Mud Pies session you and your child will be welcomed by our Nature Educator who will help you both explore the natural surroundings and find some magical spaces to play in. Our key is following the gaze, interest and direction of the children, reading their cues and following their natural desire for exploration. Once everyone has arrived, we’ll get together for a ukulele song and some introductions and briefly outline the flow of the session.
Each Mud Pies differs slightly, but generally you will then have the opportunity to get muddy and messy playing with clay, sail a leaf boat down a stream, find sticks and make a sculpture, search for birds and insects, climb trees and balance on rocks, splash in streams and puddles and eat morning tea under some trees and share stories, advice and social time with other families.
While you explore, our facilitator will support both the children and the adults in the space. We will follow the imagination and creativity of the group and help facilitate the play that occurs naturally. Each session ends with more music to help us say goodbye.
Play – At Educated by Nature, we believe in the innate drive to ‘play’ in the world around us. We provide opportunities to learn about ourselves, our environment and each other through programs that encourage exploration of nature, physical movement, constructing with natural materials, imagining together and song.
Physical Development – Gross and fine motor development is the way children grow their ability to move their bodies and perform general and specific actions help to support the development of cognitive abilities. The way children learn is affected heavily by the way they develop the ability to use their bodies. At our Mud Pies sessions, we support children to climb small trees, hang from branches, run through rolling spaces and tip toe down streams – activities that support the development of the building blocks needed to read, write and grow. Children need to be able to climb a tree before being able to write a sentence
Sensory Diets – It is important for children to have whole body tactile experiences to develop their brains through sensory integration. Good sensory integration leads to strong tactile perception, good motor planning, and activates attention. Nature provides a variety of different surfaces and materials to explore. In our Mud Pies sessions we carefully select spaces with a range of sensory experiences and provide extra sensory materials in one small space.
Risk – Allowing children to face risk and challenge increases their abilities to push themselves to their limits, to find those limits and then develop ways to expand them. Children need risk in their lives to allow opportunities for learning, self-development, resiliency building and excitement. Nature provides opportunities for children to experience risk and manage themselves in risky situations.
Identity –  Nature Educators encourage children to carry out actions independently using verbal language to give advice where needed for encouragement. This helps young children form a positive and capable self identity that will build their confidence for tasks at home and school in future years.
Curiosity – Children are born into the world curious, their brains seeking meaning for experiences they encounter. Children need opportunities to act upon this curiosity through open-ended activities that allow them to explore, ask questions, experiment and play. Educated by Nature programs occur in natural spaces that inspire and engage curious minds – looking at nature, following a stream, making a stick boat float, digging and playing with leaves.

A Day at Mud Pies

What People Say

My daughter really loved the session. For us, it was a nice combination of an activity to go to, that wasn’t too structured, therefore fitting with my philosophy of allowing children to explore and learn at their own pace, but had nice natural flow and thoughtful materials (that I didn’t have to organise). It was nice to have adult ‘facilitation’ where children were not talked down to, or jollied along to participate in a way that was deemed suitable, and to witness respectful dialogue with the little ones.



Anyone with little kids, this may interest you! I can vouch for the fact that the playgroup ‘leaders’ are some of the most fantastic and passionate educators you will ever meet!