Festival of KIN (Kids In Nature) – is an event available to Local Councils and organisations that bring families together to create and imagine communities in nature. Educated by Nature facilitators and volunteers provide inspiration, skills and resources to assist children to build their own magical spaces and artefacts.


A village and tribe are formed of adult artists, musicians, actors, anthropologists and educators who welcome children into their space and allow them to watch, listen and join in with their enactment of a small community. Children are free to participate with adults or go off and play in their own way with other children. Resources are provided for children as tools for them to play with the ideas seen and heard around the KIN village.

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Educated by Nature is committed to bringing back ‘the village’ feel to the community of children in Western Australia through providing opportunities for young citizens to process their learning with resourced unstructured, outdoor play in multi-aged groups. In our programs, children are encouraged to create and play as members of a miniature community, not just a replica of the existing society in which we live, but a space where together they can design and test their own ideas and redesign community for a new era. Multi-age groups are designed to allow children to learn from each other and develop leadership and nurturing skills in an environment where all skills and roles are valued.

Festival of KIN

A Day at Festival of KIN