Families (4 – 7 & 7-14 year olds)

KIN – Kids In Nature

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KIN Village Senior…

KIN Village Senior sessions run from 9am to 4pm. It is a ‘drop and leave’ style program designed for 7 to 14 year olds. Due to the design of the program, we advise that enrolments can only be accepted where the child is within the specified age range.

The session cost is $79  for a child. (This includes ingredients to make lunch)

Below is a listing of upcoming KIN Village Senior sessions:

Crawley (Swan River Foreshore):

Monday 10 April 2017
Tuesday 11 April 2017
Wednesday 12 April 2017
Thursday 13 April 2017

Tuesday 18 April 2017
Wednesday 19 April 2017
Thursday 20 April 2017
Friday 21 April 2017

Bush Inventors’ Club…

Bush Inventors’  Club is a space where primary aged children can experiment, create and play with natural resources in a fun after school activity.

The session cost is $195 for a chid per term.

Wembley (Bold Park Community School):
Starting Tuesday 2 May 2017May

Swanbourne (Mayo Community Garden):
Starting Monday 1 May 2017


KIN Village Junior…

KIN Junior is designed to make a fun morning outdoors easy for parents and uplifting for children as we engage together in nature-focussed activities.

The sessions are planned for children aged 4 to 7 and their parents. However, we welcome children and family members of all ages.

KIN Village Junior sessions run from 9am to 12pm.

The session cost is $28 for a child and parent/guardian. Siblings can enroll for $25. (These prices include ingredients to make morning tea)


The Nature Educators on site at every KIN session are there to observe the children playing and extend exploration with careful questioning (when appropriate), monitor presence of hazards, assist in developing leadership skills in mediation and negotiation and assist parents to get involved without directing the play – following the children’s own journeys is an important element. The Nature Educators will also be on the lookout for ideas for resources to bring to the following sessions to extend the learning and play that can occur in the space.
We are excited to be able to offer our Kids In Nature sessions for Homeschool groups. if you are interested in finding out how KIN can help you to provide rich, authentic, social experiences in nature for your homeschool child please contact us at admin@educatedby nature.com for more information.
When you arrive at KIN, you and your child will have the chance to explore and play in nature – with just a little bit of structure. There will be tools available so children can saw branches, cut string and rope, collect natural building materials to build huts and make teepees – places in which to make believe.
There will be opportunities to use some digital technology outdoors, finding ways to help with the balance of purposeful screen time (proscopes, zoom mics, go pro cameras, apps to explore their surroundings with).
Music is an important part of each session and our staff are trained ukulele teachers who will lead songs that engage, entertain and provide a little bit of extra magic.
Child Development Research – Why we think KIN is an important opportunity for children.
At KIN, we provide the environment, space and support for older children to develop their self-identities through building small worlds, helping them to find their place in the environment, society and culture. We offer art, music, bush skills and carpentry as a way for children to acquire skills in an enjoyable session that increases self-esteem, confidence and reduces anxiety.
Identity – Developing relationships with other children and adults, from outside their own families, links children with the community and supports healthy development of identity.
Play – At Educated by Nature, we believe in the innate drive to ‘play’ in the world around us. We provide opportunities to learn about ourselves, our environment and each other through programs that encourage exploration of nature, physical movement, constructing with natural materials, imagining together and song.
Risk – Allowing children to face risk and challenge increases their abilities to push themselves to their limits, to find those limits and then develop ways to expand them. Children need risk in their lives to allow opportunities for learning, self-development, resiliency building and excitement. Nature provides opportunities for children to experience risk and manage themselves in risky situations.
Curiosity – Children are born into the world curious, their brains seeking meaning for experiences they encounter. Children need opportunities to act upon this curiosity through open-ended activities that allow them to explore, ask questions, experiment and play. Educated by Nature programs occur in natural spaces that inspire and engage curious minds – building a hut, searching for flora and fauna, testing theories of physical science concepts and wondering about the natural world.

A Day at KIN

What People Say

I loved watching all the parents and kids working in community to work towards a common goal. I loved the music making and bouncing on the log. What a fabulous afternoon.



Loved the informality of the arvo, you weren’t forced to interact with other families but were easily able to. Loved it was all ages. Easily grandparent accessible.