School Incursions and Professional Learning

School Incursions

Educated by Nature is pleased to offer a range of incursions and professional learning for schools and child care centres. Our school incursions and day care centre visits currently include the following options:

Mud Pies Grove Incursion (Early Childhood focused)

Mud Pies Grove Incursions provide a magical space where children can explore their senses and connect with nature through different open activities. One of our nature educators transforms the space, tells stories, plays ukulele and sings songs, encouraging children to try new things over a one and a half hour session.

Mud Pies Grove Incursion Info Sheet

KIN Village Incursion (Primary School focused)

KIN Village (Kids in Nature) Incursions bring a touch of nature play to your school or early learning centre. Passionate Nature Educators encourage children to build cubbies and mentor children in using traditional skills (including whittling and hapa zome). This incursion offers children a chance to play, create and connect with nature.

KIN Village Incursion Info Sheet 

Professional Learning

Our Professional Learning (previously known as Professional Development or PD) workshops focus on the following topics:

Professional Learning Info Sheet

Sensory Risk Taking: more than just the five senses

Multi-Sensory experiences are vital for healthy brain development. Nature provides positive sensory opportunities and creates memorable learning experiences, engages creativity and problem solving, promotes relaxation and the development of affection for nature. We will discuss the science behind developing multi-sensory integration and facilitate activities that challenge both children and adults. Hands on experiences allow teachers to reflect on how to incorporate sensory materials and experiences into lessons that enhance knowledge retention.

Belonging and Being in Nature: creating identity and learning through cubbies

Using the childhood tradition of building cubbies as a form of play to learn and build community, we investigate how this tradition can be incorporated with the Australian Curriculum to build new classroom culture. Calling on research from David Sobel, and Daniel and Trudi’s experience with Nature Pedagogy, we explore the place of cubby building along a child development continuum and possibilities for projects and investigations.

The Power to Transform: Using tools to develop independence and resilience

The ability to build and create provides opportunities to develop confidence and independence. Developing an “I can” attitude and saying “Yes” to children encourages self-sufficiency and autonomy which translates to other areas of school and home life. This workshop empowers teachers to confidently use hand tools and other technical equipment in structured and open-ended learning experience to enhance student creativity and engagement. Practical skills are accompanied by development of risk management techniques and safe practices.

Saying YES to Children: Stories of empowerment, support and extension

Saying ‘yes’ to children allows them to see the potential to build, create, explore and learn. When we trust in children’s abilities and give them space to investigate and engage they tap into their innate learning potential and engage with their own challenges. This workshop explores some of the world’s leading organisations for student-directed learning, through stories of the philosophy, techniques and choices these organisations make to empower students. In this hour-long workshop, we synthesise some insights gained during our USA study tour.

Building Nature Connection in Community: Using connection modelling in an educational setting

Connection to nature is crucial to our personal development and is enhanced when we also practice developing our connection to community. Inspired by the 8 Shields Institute and the work of Jon Young in the USA, this workshop explores ways to tap into the natural cycle of children and create nature connection routines using childhood energy. We explore some simple ways to start integrating mindfulness, gratitude, collaborative learning, nature and self-awareness for resilience building using ‘Invisible School’ techniques. A mini, two-hour retreat for teachers to connect to self, connect to nature and connect to others.

Igniting Primitive Instincts: Using fire to spark fascination, bravery and body awareness

The flicker of the flame and crackle of hot coals is mesmerising to both children and adults alike. Kindling the energy captivated through fascination with fire we share techniques for teaching: body awareness and safety; the importance of fire and understanding the threat to our Australian environment; plus, the physics of heat and its power for transformation.

Professional Learning & Incursion Packages

You could even participate in a Professional Learning session on one of these topics prior to booking a school incursion for your students. To find out more about our school incursions and Professional Learning options, or to make a booking enquiry, please contact Educated by Nature here.

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