Art of Mentoring

“Over the past 30 years, 8 Shields has developed training pathways that support mentors and leaders to change individual lives, and entire communities, in becoming more connected. This model incorporates traditional mentoring and deep nature connection practices, fully supported through our ancient human blueprint—our original design.

The 8 Shields alumni network has over 300 programs worldwide that have been inspired by our model for creating a culture that connects one to self, nature and others – igniting a deep desire to care for our planet, each other and to share one’s gifts.” 

The 8 Shields Institute

The Art of Mentoring philosophies are embedded in all Educated by Nature programs and are supported by all staff. The Art of Mentoring is a program from the USA which uses a person’s true gifts to find connection to nature, self and others in the spirit of traditional community. Daniel Burton and Trudi Bennett participated in Art of Mentoring training in California in August 2016. They participate in fortnightly training through the 8 Shields – Foundations of Cultural Mentoring sessions.

Daniel and Trudi use their knowledge and experience as teachers when designing programs that draw children and families into a deeper level of connection. At our programs, staff observe individuals and the group to resource and facilitate free-play, following the natural rhythm of both children and nature. Staff provide mentoring through deep listening and questioning, demonstrating physical skills and supporting emotional resilience.

Our vision is to bring a sense of peace to participants, creating a space in nature where they leave feeling that their instinctive needs for connection and childhood freedom (or inner child) have been met.