Our Staff

Daniel Burton and Trudi Bennett lead the team. They are Nature Connection Mentors and qualified teachers specialising in outdoor classrooms. Trudi and Daniel's knowledge base has formed over many years through additional professional development, study tours and participation and presentation at various conferences within Australia and internationally. Emphasis is placed on engagement with current research, networks and mentoring relationships.

At Educated by Nature, staff participate fully in play by modelling sensory risk taking, wondering, adventuring, building and encouraging nature awareness. Programs combine freedom for children to live by their instinctive behaviour, with empathy and understanding for nature and each other. We believe this combination assists children to grow resilience through nature connection. See our Principles for Learning within Nature and Art of Mentoring pages for more information.

Trudi and Daniel are Education Consultants to Nature Play WA, providing professional learning services and consultation to educators. They have also partnered with Boshack Outback to further develop and deliver all programs and activities offered to schools.

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Daniel Burton

Chief Executive Officer
Education Consultant & Nature Educator, Nature Connection Mentor

Daniel is the co-founder of Educated by Nature (established 2014), a qualified primary school teacher, an education consultant and passionate nature connection mentor. He considers himself an advocate for connecting children with the natural world, following children’s inbuilt sense of wonder and curiosity as the vehicle to inspire the process of inquiry-based learning. Daniel has trained in Art of Mentoring nature connection philosophy, Rites of Passage facilitation, and dramatic, music and body movement work. Through his 10 years of project-based teaching at Bold Park Community School, he has had experience developing, managing and coordinating outdoor classrooms and Wild Spaces with various age groups encouraging learning through play. He is passionate about empowering children and providing authentic opportunities for them to grow mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. Daniel builds this connection through Educated by Nature programs, facilitating camps at Boshack Outback and as a Rites of Passage facilitator.

Daniel has had the privilege of participating in and presenting at conferences focused on nature-based education and 21st century teaching philosophies, both locally and internationally. He is now mentoring other educators to develop programs which follow children’s passion for play and the outdoors as an Education Consultant with Educated by Nature and as a Creative Practitioner with FORM: building a state of creativity.

  • Bachelor of Education (Primary), Murdoch University

  • Art of Mentoring, 8 Shields Institute, California

  • Rites of Passage Facilitator Training Level 1 & 2, Rites of Passage Institute

  • Accredited Bluearth Teacher, Bluearth Foundation

  • Rock and Water Training, Gaduka Institute, Netherlands

  • Ukulele in the Classroom Training - Level 1, James Hill Institute

  • James Hill Ukulele Intensive Training, Destination Arts, Oaxaca Mexico

  • Primary Connections Facilitator (Science), Australian Academy of Science/AISWA

  • Occupational Health & Safety Representative Course, Edith Cowan University

  • Apply First Aid

  • Working with Children Check

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Trudi Bennett


Trudi is the co-founder of Educated by Nature (established 2014), studied both Sustainable Development and Education and has worked with a variety of organisations in education, science communication, community development and the arts. Trudi has trained in the Art of Mentoring nature connection philosophy and uses her own experience in deep nature connection and grief work to assist children to discover deep nature connection routines which support healthy inner-wellbeing and community. Trudi is passionate about empowering children to achieve their goals, especially in play-based outdoor classrooms, and has practiced this in her role as a Director and Nature Playworker at Educated by Nature as well as in her 13 years teaching at Bold Park Community School and Remida Creative Reuse Centre. Trudi has implemented and modified programs inspired by Reggio Emilia, the Forest School movement and internationally renowned research and has been involved in developing and facilitating camps at Boshack Outback.

Trudi has had the privilege of participating in and presenting at conferences focused on nature-based education and 21st century teaching philosophies, both locally and internationally. She is now mentoring other educators to develop programs which follow children’s passion for play and the outdoors as an Education Consultant for Nature Play WA and as a Creative Practitioner with FORM: building a state of creativity.

Qualifications and Training

  • Bachelor of Science (Population, Resources and Technology), Murdoch University

  • Diploma of Education (Primary), Murdoch University

  • Reggio Emilia Study Tour, Italy

  • Nature Pedagogy Course, Federation University Australia

  • Art of Mentoring, 8 Shields Institute, California

  • Nature Kindergarten Study Tour, Scotland

  • Holistic Tracking, Art of Mentoring Australia

  • Bronze Medallion, Royal Lifesaving WA

  • Provide First Aid

  • Working with Children Check

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Trudi Bennett - Educated by Nature Co-Director


Educated by Nature is made up of a team of passionate, dedicated and energy-filled individuals with vast backgrounds and wonderfully rich experiences to support families and educators of Western Australia. Teachers, Psychologists, Wildlife Carers, Ecologists and Parents are just some of the qualifications of the adults working in the programs we offer.

Fay Baudains

Nature Playworker - Incursions & Roving Programs, KIN Village & Bush Inventors' Club

Fay is a Nature Connection Consultant at Educated by Nature, mentoring educators to follow children’s passion for play and the outdoors.

Her training as a primary school teacher and her extensive experience teaching music, creating curriculum and designing programs provides a solid foundation for consultancy with schools and early childhood centres. 

Fay has been part of the Educated by Nature team since 2017, working across all programs and areas of the organisation throughout these years. 

Fay’s passions lie in working alongside children and adults to teach ways of identifying and connecting with the natural world. Studying permaculture has deepened her understanding of the interconnection of all natural systems and further revealed the human impacts upon those connections. 

Most recently Fay has been exploring local bush spaces with classes of students as part of Educated by Nature’s Nature Connection program. This program sees her working over an extended period of time with educators to create and embed nature connection and nature leaning pedagogy into the curriculum in a place-based context. 

Fay has had the privilege of participating in and presenting at conferences focused on nature-based education. She was invited to be a Creative Practitioner with FORM: building a state of creativity.

Qualifications and Training

  • Diploma of Children’s Services, South Metropolitan TAFE

  • Bachelor of Education (Primary), Murdoch University

  • Certificate Geoscience Field Practices, Central Institute of Technology

  • Permaculture Design Certificate

  • Empowered Storytelling, Jon Young

  • Working with Children Check

  • Provide First Aid

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Fay Baudains - Educated by Nature

Isaac Wetherley

Nature Playworker - Incursions & Roving Programs, KIN Village  & Bush Inventors' Club

Isaac loves adventures in the great outdoors! Anything from bushwalking to abseiling. Isaac has recently graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Geographical Sciences and Human Geography and Planning. Isaac loves his time at Educated by Nature, encouraging kids to connect with nature the way he did as a child and passing on his passion for adventure. He is excited to be taking on the Family Programs officer role to help support more West Australian children to connect with nature. Outside of work, Isaac is involved in the volunteer leadership team of Scouts WA, supporting youth members to be empowered to aim high and make the most of all opportunities.


Isaac Wetherley - Educated by Nature

Stephanie Rayner

Nature Playworker - Incursions & Roving Programs, KIN Village  & Bush Inventors' Club

Stephanie has worked in a variety of roles over the past 15 years as a primary school teacher, both in the classroom as well as music teaching. She is a mother of four boys and is very passionate about nature based education and providing children with opportunities to connect and interact with nature. 

Stephanie has three chickens and a backyard full of fruit trees and veggie gardens which is where she loves to spend most of her free time. She also enjoys photography, going camping with her family, hiking in the hills and sitting around a fire carving spoons.

Stephanie Rayner - Educated by Nature

Fe Waters

Nature Playworker - Incursions & Roving Programs, KIN Village  & Bush Inventors' Club

Fe has been an educator of one kind or another, for more than 30 years. During her time in school classrooms, she taught in every learning area (except LOTE), and every year level from pre-primary to year 12, although she mostly taught woodwork—and drama!  Having spent most of her life in Guiding or Scouting, she has a long history of spending time with children in the outdoors. Most weekends she can be found in and on the river, or singing around a fire. 

When not outside, she can be found spending time with her family, reading, crafting, or trying out something new!

Fe Waters - Educated by Nature

Tamara Johnston

Nature Playworker - KIN Village, Incursions & Roving Programs & Bush Inventors' Club

Tamara Johnston is a primary school teacher from Canada. In Toronto, she was one of the founding teachers of Equinox Holistic Alternative School. Equinox is known for developing Canada's first Full Day Outdoor Kindergarten classroom and Tamara was one of the first teachers of that program. While Tamara was at Equinox she began her training in The Art of Mentoring and it profoundly changed the way she approaches education and building community. Tamara is excited to learn along side her daughter about all of the amazing trees, plants, terrain, animals, beings and stories that make up our beautiful land in Western Australia. Tamara loves to sing, dance, tell stories, travel, spend time by the ocean and play in the mud.

Fay Baudains - Educated by Nature

Nadia Robinson

Nature Playworker - Incursions & Roving Programs, KIN Village  & Bush Inventors' Club

Nadia often jokes that she is the least 'nature-y' of the team. Despite her hesitancy (especially around our feathered friends) she believes that nature provides rich opportunities for connection and learning, 'meeting us where we need to be met'.

Nadia is the proud mum of 3 boys and is passionate about supporting caregivers to connect with their 'little people' and emphasises that this is unique for everyone. She uses stories, humour and a lot of research to support individuals as they connect to self, others and the community.

Nadia has completed a Bachelor of Psychology and Family and Children Work, a Master of Teaching and is a Circle of Security and Rites of Passage facilitator.

Nadia Carruthers - Educated by Nature

Jack Heppingstone


Jack is a fun loving and people focused dude, being a waiter and of course an outdoor facilitator, both with Educated by Nature and Nanga Bush Camp. He plays in a band, and has always enjoyed outdoors activities, such as camping, swimming, kayaking and climbing. He goes camping at the Fairbridge Festival, a folk music festival, every year, and jumps at any other time in the year to camp. He loves Educated by Nature because he is able to work with kids and mentor them while being outdoors, which is much better than indoors!

Abby - Educated by Nature


Aimee Ingram

Executive Assistant

Aimee’s work history and experience have predominantly been in administrative roles since completing a Bachelor of Commerce and an Advanced Diploma of Superannuation Management. 

Having been with Educated by Nature since 2015 and now having both of her children in full-time schooling, Aimee returned to university in 2019 to study Occupational Therapy. She has a keen interest in childhood development, education and how early intervention and investment can affect a life course. She is passionate about supporting organisations and programs that foster childhood wellbeing, belonging, resilience and quality education.

Aimee Ingram - Educated by Nature

Fiona Bow

Accounts Officer

Fiona is a qualified accountant and a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). She has worked in finance for over 25 years in both tax and management accounting. Her experience has been garnered from a variety of industries, including Corporate, Not for profit and Accounting practices. She has a honours degree in Business, Sport and Recreation and enjoys athletics, walking/hiking, the beach, boating and camping.

Tui Dougiamas

Junior Playworker - KIN Village & Bush Inventors' Club, Incursions & Roving Programs

Tui started working and volunteering at Educated by Nature in her early teens with not a great deal of knowledge or confidence, but large respect for natural environments. Over the years, she has developed into a confident communicator, tool user, tree climber and cubby builder. As a passionate believer in nature education, Tui’s favourite aspect of her job is helping children take the same journey she did, building confidence and finding empowerment in their own capabilities playing in nature. She is a strong advocate for every child’s right to their power, and to explore this strength in the space that Educated by Nature creates. Outside of her work with Educated by Nature, Tui is studying a Bachelor of Philosophy at the University of Western Australia and working towards her Gold Duke of Edinburgh award. She has previously received accolades for her work within the community, including being awarded the Defence Force Long Tan Leadership Award.

Tui - Educated by Nature

Junior Staff

We have a growing team of Junior Playworkers; teenagers and young adults who bring energy and vitality to the programs we offer. We are strong believers that children need a range of mentors in their lives, of varying ages and levels of life experience.  We see that younger members of our team have unique ways of communicating and connecting with the children at our programs.

Abby Strang


Abby has grown up camping, hiking, swimming and canoeing and she loves the outdoors more than ever. She graduated high school in 2020 and started studying Psychology as a double major at UWA in 2021. She loves the opportunity Educated by Nature gives her to be in nature and mentor others while exploring and connecting with the environment.

Abby - Educated by Nature

Ayden Stenton


Ayden is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering after completing high school in 2021. He loves the outdoors and has spent 10 years as a Scout, gaining knowledge and skills which have changed the course of his life for the better. He also loves being a Volunteer Bush Firefighter where he can protect and educate his community. Ayden believes that Educated by Nature has provided him with a fantastic opportunity to mentor others in exploring and connecting with the natural environment.

Meg De Laeter

Junior Playworker - KIN Village

Megs love of nature started at a young age where she was immersed in the outdoors. Always playing outside with her older sister and brother -  building cubbies, climbing trees and picking flowers for her mud pie creations. She is currently studying for her Certificate 4 in Education Support and wants to help children recognise the magic of playing in nature. Meg volunteers at Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club and has a Bronze Medallion, First Aid Certificate and Recreational Skippers Ticket.

Dylan Maybee

Junior Playworker - KIN Village

Dylan enjoys being outdoors and has learnt a lot about nature through Scouts. Growing up around water he loves boating, water skiing and stand-up paddle boarding. Dylan really enjoys being a role model for younger children and believes that Educated by Nature will provide him further opportunity to do so while also helping them learn to explore and appreciate the outdoors in a fun environment. 

Abby - Educated by Nature
Hayley Henheffer - Educated by Nature

Junior Mentors

We meet so many incredible humans at our programs, our KIN Villagers and Bush Inventors who jump head first into all of the opportunities on offer. Some of these incredible humans have exceeded the age limit of our programs, are super keen to still be a part of our community, but are not quite old enough to apply to become Junior Nature Playworkers (our 15-19 year old staff members). 

So, we’ve created a new position - introducing the Junior Mentor program. These 13-15 year olds have been long time participants who have shown specific skills in mentoring, community connection, peer support, nature connection, tinkering and generally being super helpful. Individuals who have been invited to join us throughout the holidays to support the team of Nature Playworkers in helping facilitate the program. 

The Junior Mentor program is another way we are working on creating a vibrant and diverse community of mentors for the kids who attend our programs whilst providing the opportunity to mentor the mentors in facilitation, leadership, initiative, helpfulness and community connection.

Our current Junior Mentors are Jack, Sophia, Tristan, Chloe, Owen and Sarah.