Testimonies and Kind Words

We aim to create villages and build community at all of our programs here at Educated by Nature. We are thrilled to hear so much wonderful feedback. Here is a selection of testimonies from teachers, parents, principals and children who we've had the privilege of connecting with through Educated by Nature.

“A deep and meaningful connection to nature as a child has so many benefits – and is a key underlying philosophy in all my work. It is also one of the reasons I am the patron of Bold Park Community School in Perth. If you are interested as a teacher or a parent how to deepen children’s connection to nature – please check out Educated By Nature! They run programs and activities to give children an opportunity to connect and flourish in the outside world. Well done Daniel and Trudi – brilliant work!”

Maggie Dent

KIN Village & KIN Village Junior

“This morning, amongst the excitement in preparation for KIN Village, I happened to walk past a heated discussion about whether you can in fact make a fairy out of wood? 'Of course you can' was the response from Daniel and the team when we arrived at KIN VIllage. Daniel, we love you so much. Thank you and your amazing team for saying 'yes' to my kids and showing them the wonders of nature play in Perth.”

Hattie Bennett

“You guys are an increidble team doing vital work. What whould we do without magnificent people like you out there creating experiences for our kids that will help them grow into amazing young people!”

Claire Orange

“This was our first experience and we were very happy with the outcome. Archie had a fantastic day, even though he was a bit anxious beforehand but was quickly put at ease and at the end of the day he was raving about the experience and wants to do it again.”

Parent - KIN Village

“Charlie said he can't choose a favourite part of the day, he loved it all...being outside, meeting new people, engaging with the mentors, having time to play by himself as well as with his team, using tools, making up a chant for his team, cooking on the fire...honestly, when he finished the day, he was pumped! It was like he had been away on school camp.”

Parent - KIN Village

“My favourite parts were building my hut because I like creating. Overcoming my fear of fire. I liked having enough time to explore and not be rushed.”

Child - KIN Village

“After watching Connor confidently pull together the ingredients of the solar apple cake, I have expanded his kitchen duties to include making the whole salad - cutting up the tomato, carrot, cheese and all. The programs teach kids, but more importantly teach parents (like me) to loosen up a little and let our kids explore!”

Martine Hawkins, Parent - KIN Village Junior

“We attended another school holidays KIN Junior this morning and my kids and niece had the best time building cubbies. We have previously attended Mud Pies and loved it too. Trudi and Daniel are excellent facilitators and help families to relax, be creative, explore and throughly enjoy the natural environments that are right on their doorsteps.”

Muriel Davies, Parent - KIN Village Junior

“The KIN groups are a wonderful reminder in a hectic world to slow down and just spend time exploring and enjoying nature. The Educated by Nature team have such a thoughtful, open way of interacting, allowing the kids to take the lead - helping them find their own path, challenges and solutions..”

Rachel Forbes, Parent - KIN Village Junior

Aiden and Abbie had the best time ever on Wednesday at Kin Village! Aiden felt especially proud of himself for he now has a fan and the younger boy said he's his No.1 fan!!!  Aiden also told me one of the facilitators has the same name as him but Aiden was given the title "A1" and the facilitator "A2" because A1 has been with Educated by Nature much longer than A2!  A1 felt super special!  He also mentioned that he was nervous but super excited when he was given the opportunity to do a demonstration during the marshmallow roasting session.  Seeing that twinkle in his eyes was PRICELESS!  Year 5 has been challenging with the increasing workload and he has been having a number of melt-downs as a result.  As a mother, it breaks my heart to see school is consuming his passion for life and learning.  So I can't thank you enough for giving Aiden the freedom and space to be himself and what better way to do this than in a natural environment.  Most importantly, you gave him the opportunity to step up for the little ones and the priceless experience of being a leader have given him his self-confidence.  I can't thank you enough.

Jessie Wong, Parent - KIN Village

“The KIN groups are a wonderful reminder in a hectic world to slow down and just spend time exploring and enjoying nature. The Educated by Nature team have such a thoughtful, open way of interacting, allowing the kids to take the lead - helping them find their own path, challenges and solutions..”

Rachel Forbes, Parent - KIN Village Junior

Bush Inventors’ Club

“We absolutley love everything about Educated by Nature and struck gold when we enrolled with their fabulous company. They teach our children all the things that life leaves us parents little time to do these days.”

Bush Inventors' Club - Mother 

“BIG thumbs up and rave reviews from us to you! My son has always had a passion for nature and the great outdoors but isn’t a competitive, sporty kid. I felt like I had struck gold when we discovered your after school programme. He absolutely LOVES it! Your entire team actually connect on their level, let their personalities shine through and make everything FUN! Thanks from one very grateful Mum.”

Genna - Mother 

“Daniel, Trudi and their Educated by Nature team have been absolutely amazing in the way that they have engaged our boys within our ‘wild space’ by the River. The Bush Inventors Club has been extremely popular with our boys as they enjoyed the opportunities to play, explore, discover, create, take risks and invent under the expert guidance of the Educated by Nature staff. The boys are truly respected as learners and are provided with the right guidance and support to develop their capacity to achieve independently. The pride and excitement boys have had when talking about what they made or achieved “all by themselves” at Bush Inventors has been a delight to share in and really empowered many boys who have previously lacked confidence.”

Holly Miller - Director of Pastoral Care, Planning and Co-curricular, Christ Church Grammar

“Out-of-school programs can play a valuable role in buffering children against some of these problems. Such programs have more autonomy than the schools to design settings that support skill acquisition without emphasizing differences in children’s abilities and talents. These programs can allow children to safely explore independence, peer relationships, and leadership. They can provide opportunities for children to form long-lasting relationships with adults outside their families. Programs with these characteristics will not only support healthy, positive development during middle childhood, they will also put in place the kind of safety net needed to support healthy, positive passage through early and middle adolescence.”

Maggie Dent - Mentor and 'queen of common sense'

"We moved back to Perth from Norway earlier this year and having spent the last two years playing in nature, I knew as soon as we arrived that I had to find opportunities here for my children to do what they did there; connect with nature, time to just 'be' without the pressures of academia, sporting achievement or the nuances of daily life. I learned of the Bush Inventors’ Club run by Educated by Nature and knew I had to get him in there. Everything that the Educated by Nature team does with the kids is for a reason. Of course they just play, but every activity has a purpose, an educational purpose, an emotional intelligence purpose, a brain-stretching purpose, I knew that having this activity in his week would help him work his way through. I wasn’t wrong, my son comes home stinking of bonfires and smiling from ear to ear. He’s usually carrying something he’s made – anything he likes. He gets time to be himself, with no judgement and a huge amount of love and encouragement. Daniel and his team have provided the outlet and the gentle guidance along the way so that they have the opportunity in their day to be children, be brave and be happy in their skins."

Hattie, Mother

Incursions and Roving Programs

“Our staff and children at Online Child Care Centre Eaton have had the most awesome day. Thanks Trudi and Daniel for spending time with our little ones and guiding us through some inspiring learning centres and then allowing our staff team the opportunity to ‘play in clay’ too. We are super excited to have a go at setting up our own environments in our outdoor classroom.”

Kathy Mckrill - Director, Online Childcare and Kindy

“I wanted to let you know what an absolutely lovely time our group had at Rushton Park in Armadale. The facilitators were excellent and showed great skill in directing the group while allowing them to explore at their own pace. I have recommended your company to be involved with other future nature based activities that may take place as part of a City of Armadale celebrations.”

Pauline Giblett - City of Armadale

“Educated by Nature’s Mud Pies Grove program is a huge hit at our Play Out Day events. Children of all ages can be found playing with clay, whittling, or simply staring in awe as the Educated by Nature team play their ukuleles and entertain all with their beautiful voices. Mud Pies Grove is a valuable addition to our Nature Play WA events, and we really value the personal connection and attention the staff at Educated by Nature provide to attendees. Educated by Nature are regularly involved in our Nature Play WA events, and provide a personal and hands on approach to nature play. They are often a highlight with big kids and little kids who want to sing along or get messy with clay play.

Nicole McNamara - Events Manager, Nature Play WA

“Wonderful engagement with the girls. We loved how engaged the educators were. You could see how passionate they were about what they do. Loved the use of mud in various ways. The experience definitely opened a lot of our colleagues eyes to nature-based learning we feel.”

Abbey Sutherland - Teacher, Penrhos College

“Daniel was great how he explained the importance of using the tools correctly. The boys are still using terminology they heard him use in the classroom! The pitch of presentation to the boys - perfect for Pre Primary. Set up and resources - just enough for the group in the time period allowed. The hands-on activities were fantastic. The boys absolutely loved the sawing station as well as the nailing area. Their creativity shone which was fantastic to see. Thank you, Daniel! Re-enforces the need for woodwork, hands on play and experimentation using 'real life' tools for the boys. This has inspired me to continue negotiations with our administration to make more nature play activities available at recess and lunch time.”

Teachers - Christ Church Grammar School

Professional Learning

“Daniel has worked with our Pre-Primary to Year 2 teachers to mentor and support them in their journey of exploring our boys' connection with nature. All staff have commented on Daniel’s kind and calm nature and how wonderful he has been in the way he works with our boys. They have all learnt a lot from their experiences with their class and Daniel and are feeling inspired and positive about developing their programs to further connect with our ‘wild space’ and nature. Daniel is a brilliant educator whose passion and knowledge have gained him respect from the boys and staff at Christ Church Grammar School.”

Holly Miller - Director of Pastoral Care, Planning and Co-curricular, Christ Church Grammar

“WOW - what a workshop!!! Thank you so much, for the record I have received more positive feedback about your workshop than any other session we have EVER held. I’m sure we will do some more things together in the future, once our new nature playground has been completed and bedded down.”

Ken Scott-Hamilton - Director, Little Learners

“I wanted to share with you that your PD yesterday for us at Bold Park Community School was one of the most inspiring and authentic PDs I've been to in ages (if not ever). Absolutely loved it and felt your passion loud and clear. Loved the connection between the 8 sacred attributes and the 4 pillars with meditation/mindfulness. I wanted to thank you both. You are amazing at what you do.”

Gillian Harrison - Bold Park Community School

“I just want to say thank you SO much for inspiring me yesterday with your amazing PD. Your passion and dedication is so obvious and I am so grateful to have experienced that. I've got some great ideas after hearing from you and I can't thank you enough, your presentation was wonderful. The children, parents and educators of WA are very lucky to have you!”

Brooke Healey - Bold Park Community School

“The session was both informative and enjoyable. While some topics covered were a reminder of things I already knew about the benefits of outdoor play and sensory experience, it also made me look at those things with a different perspective and deeper understanding.”

Tara Norwood

School Camps

“Daniel was amazing! He had my entire year 3 class completely engaged over our 2 night camping expedition. Every activity offered authentic learning in our natural bush environment. Daniel has a seemingly endless supply of games, stories and activities which appealed to every single child. It was a brilliant experience, that I cannot recommend highly enough!!!.”

Martine Damon - Teacher, Rosalie Primary School

“Thanks very much to you both for the way you ran the camp last week at Boshack Outback. It was great to see the potential of Boshack truly being realized through your enthusiasm and understanding of what the students needed. Top effort. I dropped by the Year 4 classes this morning – the kids were raving about camp. Well done and thanks very much.”

Peter Ashby - Director of Outdoor Education, Guildford Grammar School

Mud Pies Nature Playgroups & Open Days

“On the face of it Educated by Nature activities feel like paying money to spend some time outside. But the true value of the activities, for us the Mud Pies Playgroup are many and varied and not possible with just a trip to the river or bush. Having other children and parents to chat with, play with and even just observe has been a rich learning experience for our son in relating to others, taking turns, and working cooperatively. It's great to have a variety of materials on hand that we can't always have on hand at home- both the natural materials and the tools and materials provided. It's also a plus to be able to make a mess and get fully (sometimes full body) involved in working with the materials without having to worry about clean-up! The music and story telling aspect of Mud Pies has been one that is much enjoyed also with snatches of tunes coming out in the car ride home especially. Possibly the most valuable resource that we definitely don't have on normal trip outside in the Educated by Nature Educators. Ours, Daniel, was a wealth of information, hints, tip and ideas for living and loving nature with children and child development. His interactions with the children are thoughtful, real, and affirming. Reflecting back to the children their experiences and understandings in a genuine way. Asking relevant and meaningful questions when it adds to the child's experience and not just for the sake of it. One of Daniels greatest skills is allowing children to make their own choices and gain intrinsic rewards from their play rather than seeking outside validation. His example is a shining one for how adults can interact with children in a way that is healthy and develops their confidence. I have come away from each Mud Pies session having learned something new or gained an experience with the people there that helps me to reflect on the way my son is growing and how we can provide the best for him in simple ways both in nature and beyond. My son has come away from each Mud Pies session feeling inspired, accomplished, and most of all satisfied with a morning well played.”

Gypsy Stockely - Parent

“I absolutely love Mud Pies for our 2 year old and would take him as often as it was offered. For Term 3 we plan to attend all four sessions at the different locations and I'm excited as to what the change in environment will bring for my child.”

Renae Reid - Parent


“For the past year, Daniel Burton from Educated by Nature has been mentoring the Year 2 teachers at Scotch College to develop their Nature School program. This program involves learning in the outdoor areas at Scotch, Beach School and River School, all engaging in Nature Pedagogy. Daniel has supported the teachers in bringing together an extensive child-centred, creative program that focuses not only on the curriculum but also on the child as a whole.
Daniel is highly skilled in developing his connections and relationships with teachers and students. These connections have enabled our students to develop resilience, confidence and an understanding for nature and their environment. This is demonstrated through his engaging and personalised mentoring style. Daniel offers thoughtful and supportive feedback, allowing us to grow as inquisitive and attentive Educators. We regularly meet with Daniel, share our ideas and collaboratively plan our sessions with him. With Daniel's expertise, he gives continuous advice with how to bring to curriculum into the outdoor classroom.
Over the year, the teachers have collated data to show this program has been exceptional. Maths, English and humanities results have increased, and the boys' fine motor skills, communication and happiness have soared.
Thank you, Daniel, for all your support. You have helped us grow in confidence as educators and look beyond. We are grateful to have you with us for another year.”

Fi and Becca - Teachers at Scotch College

"It has been a privilege to work with Daniel in developing our connection to land and nature here at Guildford Grammar School. He has led, supported, encouraged and guided our Year 2 and Year 4 teachers to develop programs that embrace teachable moments, respond with agility to students interests and needs as well as utilise the environmental changes and unexpected experiences that nature will always provide.

Our outdoor classroom experiences are built on a deep respect for the value of play at all ages, student agency and voice and the environment within our school.  Daniel has been instrumental in starting our Bush School program and is passionate about embedding this within the culture of the school. Daniel is a leader and expert who has supported our school leadership team to develop school wide policies and frameworks that ensure curriculum connections and appropriate risk assessments. Daniel also has incredible capacity to lead staff and parents workshops that support the understanding and commitment of a school community to nature pedagogy and honouring the importance it plays within a holistic education for our children and young people.”

Dr Holly Miller - Guildford Grammar School

"At Scotch College, we have developed a strong nature school programme which is proving valuable in providing creative means for authentic, innovative learning experiences in which our students are thriving.

Daniel from Educated by Nature has been, and continues to be, a large part of our journey, working alongside our teachers to provide and embed nature pedagogies and developing children’s  key understandings and broadening their learning. With the support from Educated by Nature, our children learn and practice resilience, build their self-confidence and develop their emotional regulation skills.

This learning in outdoor classrooms is allowing our children to link in with their community and provides many social and health benefits. Not to mention the children are super engaged with their learning and love the hands-on experiences they are given.

Thank you, Daniel, you inspire our programme to be the best it can!"

Maria Hodges - Scotch College

"Daniel has become an integral part of the Year 4 team, guiding and leading our students to continue their learning journey in nature. He has supported our team to develop our Bush School Program and engage in Nature Pedagogy. His positive attitude and natural enthusiasm inspire us all!"

Carly Thornton - Guildford Grammar School


Nature Connection Series

“It is really enjoyable. We play games and we make stuff. We get to do more active things out here. It is a lot more fun than other learning. We are learning more out here. I am enjoying the outdoors. Hands-on learning helps our brains.


“It is really good. I've noticed a difference in the kids. They are understanding nature a lot more and their behaviour has changed. They are taking more care now. I have noticed they are focusing more on details now. The details they take in now are amazing. The children are being more cooperative with each other as a group and they are helping each other more. You don't learn everything from sitting behind the desk. This is life. They are learning here.”


“They are now interested about things and learning. They are learning the plant names and we are transferring what they are learning here in the bush back to school. They are learning plant names, tree names, birds, trees. We are definitely seeing a transfer in class. We did six sessions on yarning circles and incorporated what they have learned out here in the bush in their classwork. We are integrating Noongar language in our school. They are now starting to make connections between all of these things. The hands-on activities are really good for them and using natural resources.”

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Officer 

“They've made new friendship groups. Some students find it hard to make friends, really struggle to talk and build relationships and friendships. But finding something cool out here gives you social capital, and if you're adventurous, it is helping you to make friends out here.”


“We did some things out here that carried on into the classroom, like researching birds and their calls. But I can see that I can use it in a wider context in the classroom. You can refer to what the kids have done out here, when doing topics like building in the classroom, I can refer to when you build our cubbies (how did you go about, what material did you use? Why did you choose it?) We can talk about what is man-made and natural object. What they do here, can link very well with the science program. The kids who missed some concepts or did not understood it, can experience it in a more real-life environment and learn better /again out here.”


“We are learning how to work better together out here, and everyone is using more imagination out here. Everyone is now getting on better with each other.”


Principles of Nature Connection - Empathy