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Daniel is the co-director of Educated by nature; a teacher, nature educator, ukulele player, singer and advocate for children.

Reframing Success: From Well-Oiled Machines to Thriving Meadows

In an era dominated by technology and industrial progress, the world expects efficiency and precision from every corner of life. The metaphor of a “well-oiled machine” has become synonymous with success. However, this mechanical perspective has fallbacks. It often leads to burnout, disconnection from our intrinsic values, and an unyielding pressure to consistently produce, regardless…

Translating the research on play

An international conference that gathers passionate play professionals from all around the world – what’s not to love about that concept? The prospect of being part of this global network and world-wide conversation on play was one we couldn’t pass up, and being provided the opportunity to present two workshops at the conference made the…

Sing-a-Long: Rain

Another instalment of Educated by Nature Sing-a-long! This is a song very dear to our hearts. It was written by one of our dear friends (and original Educated by Nature team member, Jessica Taylor) and was a huge hit at our Mud Pies Nature Playgroups. It’s now a song that is adored by Daniel’s nieces…

Sing-a-Long: The Bear Song

Daniel’s at it again! This time it’s the Bear Song, another hit from our days of running KIN Village Junior (our program for 4 – 7 year olds and their parents). It’s a wonderful song that would get the whole group singing call and response. So much fun!