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How do you mentor a toddler?

At Educated by Nature we are passionate about mentoring, and weave it through all our programs. People often talk about mentoring for older children, teenagers and adults.  But how do you mentor a toddler? It turns out to be much the same – through deep listening, meaningful interaction and extension through the feedback and the actions…

Building Resilience and Protection

Building Resilience and protection against bullying Like many Australians this week, I have been touched by the story of ‘Dolly’ and her suicide at the age of 14. My husband and I have been reading her story of life with mixed emotions. Often with tears welling up in our eyes. Many of you will not…

Campfire Conversations – Ep#22 – Claire Warden – Cultural Contexts

Trudi Bennett recently visited Claire Warden in Scotland on Mindstretchers’ International Study Tour of nature kindergartens. During the tour, the group visited the Cranog Centre and explored some primitive skills from the Iron Age. Claire and Trudi discuss the importance of linking with cultural heritage as part developing relationships in nature connection practices.

Campfire Conversations – Ep#21 – Claire Warden – Nature Pedagogy

Trudi Bennett recently visited Claire Warden in Scotland on Mindstretchers’ International Study Tour of nature kindergartens and the International Association of Nature Pedagogues’ conference. In this video, Claire Warden clarifies the meaning of ‘nature pedagogy’, highlighting how we all need to work together to bring nature connection to children across the world no matter where…

More than a cubby – Cubby Building

Why is cubby building such an important childhood experience? Looking through a collection of sepia photographs picturing bush huts and tents, plus stick furniture from the pioneering days of Australia, a child calls out, “Oh great! Can we make a big tent like that?” And so, the inspiration had started to well up in the…

Nature-based Incursion – Muddy Gully

Daniel and I are intentional about incorporating sensory risk taking in our programs. Particularly when it comes to exploring sticky clay on our bodies and oozing through our toes. My passion for sensory risk taking emerged whilst I was working in the kitchen garden at Bold Park Community School making cob with children. Cob is…

The Importance of Sanctuary

I’ve been building treehouses for a while now. I’ve been climbing trees for as long as I can remember. When I was five years old, my family planted a lemon-scented gum in our backyard. By the time I was 10 years old, the tree had become quite big. It had become my favourite climbing tree….

Campfire Conversations – Ep#13 – Wilderness Awareness School – Survival and Nature Connection in a Modern Age

Join Trudi Bennett as she speaks with Dan Corcoran, Samuel Bowman and Rachael Witt from the Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall, Washington. The facilitators of the weekend Survival Basics Course share their reasons of why survival skills are important to them as human beings in a modern age.