Sit Spot Quick Tips

Is your household a little chaotic at the moment? Is there a lot of noise from everyone being at home ALL DAY together. While the opportunity for connection and family time is a welcome one in our fast paced world, it’s important to remember that everyone needs their own space and time to be still……

Sing-a-Long: The Fly Song

When Daniel and Trudi first launched Educated by Nature 5 years ago, Mud Pies Nature Playgroups is where it all stared. Sessions for 0 – 5 year olds and their parents in local bush land spaces. Magical moments of exploration, nature connection, simple carpentry, story telling, adventure, risk, mess, and we couldn’t forget, MUSIC. Ukulele…

The Power of Gratitude

To notice the intricate beauty in the world around us and to be grateful for such beauty is a powerful tool. It’s a skill that requires time, conscious thought, repetition and modelling. It can be a powerful contributor to a more positive outlook on life and a gateway to deeper connection to the natural world.

Holding space for grief

Holding space for grief looks different for different circumstances, but the purpose is the same – supporting the people we care deeply for to find acknowledgment and acceptance for their feelings. As community members, parents, uncles, friends, neighbours, employers, colleagues and human beings, we need to support our kin in this time of turbulence.

The Doctor’s Remedy: Get Outdoors!

Time outside is incredibly valuable. It contributes to both our physical and mental wellbeing, promoting activity whilst providing a sense of connection and belonging. In our programs we see these benefits over and over again. At Bush Inventors’ Club, kids often arrive from their day, stressed, irritable and finding it difficult to focus. To counter…

Children Need Cubbies

Throughout this cubby building process, a child’s curiosity is being developed. The open-ended nature of the task allows for exploration, experimentation, play and creativity. The physical development of the child is enhanced, as they engage their fine motor skills, using tools or tying up tarps.

Outdoor Play in Diverse Spaces

Environment All of Educated by Nature’s programs occur in outdoor spaces. We find locations that support groups of children to experience nature in raw forms, as opposed to manicured lawns, ovals and gardens. We aim to have a location that has a variety of vegetation, access to water (we love the river) and a place…