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Beach School: An opportunity for ‘Heavy Work’

Since Term 3, 2020, our CEO and co-founder Daniel Burton has been working alongside Scotch College as a part of the FORM Creative Schools program. Throughout this program, Daniel’s role as a Creative Practitioner has been to support the implementation of alternative pedagogies – exploring creative ways to provide authentic, innovative learning opportunities for students….

Wandering with Wonder

Wandering is one of the core routines of Nature Connection in the Art of Mentoring philosophy. It is about following what catches your senses or your heart and following that impulse to wander and explore. It evokes a sense of peacefulness as well as curiosity. The Art of Wandering may also open the possibility for…

The Doctor’s Remedy: Get Outdoors!

Time outside is incredibly valuable. It contributes to both our physical and mental wellbeing, promoting activity whilst providing a sense of connection and belonging. In our programs we see these benefits over and over again. At Bush Inventors’ Club, kids often arrive from their day, stressed, irritable and finding it difficult to focus. To counter…

Children Need Cubbies

Throughout this cubby building process, a child’s curiosity is being developed. The open-ended nature of the task allows for exploration, experimentation, play and creativity. The physical development of the child is enhanced, as they engage their fine motor skills, using tools or tying up tarps.

School Holiday Programs Perth – We Cook Our Own Food – KIN Village

We are incredibly fortunate to meet an increasing number of children through our KIN Village school holiday programs. We have observed over the last few years at our programs, and previously in our role as teachers, a decline in the number of children who possess even the most basic of ‘home’ skills. Children who didn’t…