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When We Find Comfort in Nature – A Class Story

Blog by Tamara Johnston and Trudi Bennett The Children in Nature Network (started by Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods) is celebrating 15 years of the children in nature movement. Richard Louv introduced the world to the term Nature-Deficit Disorder. “Nature-deficit disorder describes the human cost of alienation from nature, among them;…

Outdoors in a Heatwave

This week in Perth we have been experiencing a heatwave. Our mission at Educated by Nature is to build resilience through connection, learning within and from nature. Building connection during summer is important as it supports not only building resilience to hot weather, but an understanding of it. This is important for children as they…

Beach School: An opportunity for ‘Heavy Work’

Since Term 3, 2020, our CEO and co-founder Daniel Burton has been working alongside Scotch College as a part of the FORM Creative Schools program. Throughout this program, Daniel’s role as a Creative Practitioner has been to support the implementation of alternative pedagogies – exploring creative ways to provide authentic, innovative learning opportunities for students….