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Holding space for grief

Holding space for grief looks different for different circumstances, but the purpose is the same – supporting the people we care deeply for to find acknowledgment and acceptance for their feelings. As community members, parents, uncles, friends, neighbours, employers, colleagues and human beings, we need to support our kin in this time of turbulence.

School Holiday Programs Perth – We Cook Our Own Food – KIN Village

We are incredibly fortunate to meet an increasing number of children through our KIN Village school holiday programs. We have observed over the last few years at our programs, and previously in our role as teachers, a decline in the number of children who possess even the most basic of ‘home’ skills. Children who didn’t…

The Hunt

‘Alright kids, imagine you are a Chuditch*, silently hunting for your prey. Carefully move across the landscape…’ We had only taken a few delicate steps when we were interrupted by a wandering group of fellow wild children, whom, like me, were surprised to come across each other in this bush setting.  They were a group of…