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Beach School: An opportunity for ‘Heavy Work’

Since Term 3, 2020, our CEO and co-founder Daniel Burton has been working alongside Scotch College as a part of the FORM Creative Schools program. Throughout this program, Daniel’s role as a Creative Practitioner has been to support the implementation of alternative pedagogies – exploring creative ways to provide authentic, innovative learning opportunities for students….

Daniel on Play it Forward!

Last July Daniel was a guest on Wearthy’s podcast – Play it Forward. Take a listen to hear Lukas and Daniel discuss rites of passage, nature/community/self connection, choosing the bush over a playground, adult barriers to play, climbing trees and trusting the competence of children. “Hosted by international keynote speaker, educator and founder of Wearthy;…

Mentoring Kids In Nature

Over the last year we (Trudi and Daniel) have been refining how we can best provide nature connection opportunities for families in Perth. Through Educated by Nature we have set up regular Mud Pies Nature Playgroups, run successful KIN Village school holiday programs, have established two after school Bush Inventors’ Clubs, developed a partnership program with…