Find Your Sit Spot

Find your Sit Spot… a moment of connection in nature.

You may have heard the term ‘sit spot’ but are not really sure what it is, or why it could be the best few moments to build into your daily routine in 2018.

Here’s a quick reminder. We challenge you to try it out every day for a week.

Find a space to take a moment for yourself and experience a ‘sit spot’. You can do it anywhere you like, but try and make it a place you can at least see some nature. It’s even better if you can find your sit spot IN nature, surrounded by it, but your backyard will do.

When you are there, calm yourself, take a few deep breaths and start to focus. Use your senses to hear as far as you can in front of you, as far as you can behind you, to your left and to your right. Listen far off into the distance for the quietest sound, the smallest noise you can hear. Once you have heard that noise, listen for something even quieter.

Use this as a time to connect with yourself, with your space and with the nature around you.

We believe very strongly in the power of connection – Resilience through Connection is our guiding vision. We need regular moments like these in our lives to help us feel connected. Deeply connected to ourselves, connected to one another and connected to nature.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the effect it has on your mind, your energy, your focus and your happiness.

Find Your Sit SpotFind Your Sit Spot