Nature Connection Series # 5 – Caring for Nature

“We have to treat [nature] with all the cares”

When children have the opportunity to spend regular time in natural spaces they develop deep bonds with those spaces. Many schools are situated in close proximity to pocket parks and natural bush land. Children may walk past or even through these spaces to get to school, or they may ride through these spaces on weekends and afterschool, but when we support children to spend time in these natural spaces as destinations, we open up the possibility for deeper connection. School-based nature programs that allow time for children to be in nature, to feel a part of nature and fall in love with nature help them to develop a positive affinity for nature, valuing all parts of the ecosystem.

This video captures the essence of ‘The Nature Connection Series’, a brand new 8-week, immersive program delivered by Educated by Nature with the aim of supporting teachers to see the potential of local bushland and nearby outdoor spaces, engaging students Deep Nature Connection. This project was made possible through a partnership between Educated by Nature and WA Parks Foundation, supported by Australian Gas Infrastructure Group, involving four Public Primary Schools in the Perth Metro and Peel Region.