Nature-based Camps

Multi-day programs provide the opportunity for both children and adults to immerse themselves into nature connection. It allows for spaces and projects to be revisited and wider, rural places to be explored. Educated by Nature offers a range of residential nature connection camps. 

Camps also give Educated by Nature mentors greater ability to embed Art of Mentoring practices. This allows children and families to settle and feel comfortable living and exploring together as a community. 

School Camps

Educated by Nature have teamed up with the wonderful people at Boshack Outback in a new partnership working to deliver school camps that offer a truly immersive nature-based learning experience to help your students be educated by nature.

Boshack Outback is located in Bolgart, which is approximately a 90 minute drive from Perth.

Our Nature Educators welcome schools to this true Australian Outback adventure. Students will be guided in a range of experiences inspired by some of the leading nature-based connection and education models from around the world. The activities offered are linked to the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and culture. They are also linked to the learning areas of Science, Humanities & Social Sciences, Design Technologies, Health & Physical Education, Arts and the General Capabilities.

In addition to the on-site Boshack Camp, schools can choose to have Educated by Nature visit classes before their camp with a special camp related incursion. This in-school experience aims to help students build skills, provide opportunities to make connections with Boshack and create excitement about their upcoming camp. Post-camp incursions are also available with camp experiences linked to in-class learning and curriculum.

An Educated by Nature School Camp at Boshack offers:

  • Shelter building

  • Lake canoeing

  • Aboriginal culture and heritage experiences

  • Feeding farm animals 

  • Catching freshwater crayfish

  • Bush walking adventures

  • Sensory awareness activities

  • Star gazing (optional)

  • Orienteering and Bushwalking

  • Raft building

Students also have the opportunity to experience the following practices through living, eating and relaxing in the Boshack campsite:

  • Sleeping in safari tents

  • Using off-the-grid water and solar technologies

  • Feeding chickens, worms and managing the compost system for kitchen waste

  • Exploring fish and water invertebrates through netting and lakeshore play

  • Self-reflection and relaxation time

During their time at camp and through these experiences, students and teachers have an opportunity to develop:

  • Relationship with nature

  • Environmental awareness

  • Team building skills

  • Survival skills

  • Physical literacy (coordination, balance, strength)

  • Sustainable living practices

  • Understanding of conservation, regeneration and land management

At an Educated by Nature School Camp at Boshack, the food, accommodation and activities are organised. Classes simply need to arrive and relax into the outback for a one or two night adventure like no other.

To find out more information, to receive camp outlines and program details, please submit an enquiry via the button below.