Nature-based programs for Families

Programs for Homeschool Families

Our homeschool programs create an environment where children are nurtured and their natural curiosity is celebrated. Learning becomes a journey of discovery, facilitated by the freedom to explore. As mentors, we bring an attentive eye and a keen sense to understand each child's unique needs, recognizing the diverse ways they express and engage with the world around them. Our approach is tailored to inspire, challenge, and support homeschool families, fostering a love for learning that extends far beyond traditional boundaries. 

KIN Homeschool

This group meets for four hours every week in Crawley, over an eight-week term. This program, previously known as Bush Inventors' Club (Homeschool Edition), has been re-vamped to better suit the needs of the homeschool community. 

KIN Homeschool is inspired by the work of Gever Tulley and the Institute of Applied Tinkering, shaped by the work of Jon Young and the 8 Shields Institute, and seeks to develop children’s self-risk assessing skills. Our Nature Educators encourage and allow risk taking, with support in identifying hazards and understanding body awareness.

Each term of KIN Homeschool has a different focus - an overarching theme to all the sessions. At KIN Homeschool, children may have the opportunity to:

  • Use real tools to build, construct and tinker

  • Build, invent and create 

  • Construct cubbies

  • Connect with mentors and leaders

  • Explore nature, find animals, insects and plants

  • Play wilderness awareness games

  • Set personal goals and conquer challenges

  • Explore fire management and safety (season and location dependent)

In 2024, KIN Homeschool will be running in terms one and three. For term one we will be building and sailing our own rafts on the lovely Swan River. As the weather cools down in term three, we will keep ourselves warm learning how to light, care for and cook with fire.


In between KIN Homeschool terms, we run one-off Incursion sessions. Our Incursions are a great way to stay involved with the KIN Homeschool community and try out some new skills. They are also a perfect 'taster' opportunity for new families! All public incursions are avaliable for booking on this page.

If you would like to organise a private Incursion session for your homeschool group, you can find out more and make an inquiry on the Incursions page

KIN Village

During the school holidays, many homeschool families choose to attend our KIN Village program. These are full-day sessions that run in Guildford and Crawley! The theme is different each holidays, so be sure to get more information on the KIN Village page.