KIN Village – Nature-based school holiday program for older kids

KIN Village – Nature-based school holiday program

KIN Village is a ‘drop and leave’ school holiday program for 6-12 year olds, that allows children to freely explore their world and community with the support of Nature Educators and Mentors.

Please note that children must have turned 6 years of age to attend KIN Village.

We say ‘YES’ to kids and provide them with opportunities to play, build nature awareness, and develop resilience. We do this through hut building, carpentry, nature exploration, community games, art, music and cooking.

Our Nature Educators resource the space with objects and tools children might need to live out their adventure. They provide mentoring that observes and listens to children in order to guide suggestions, resources and skill building to help them achieve their goals. The program is designed to follow children’s natural energy levels throughout the day so that children work as a team without feeling forced or held back. Children feel they are truly heard and acknowledged and are therefore more open to be guided into nature connection by our mentors.

At a ‘regular’ KIN Village day (although no two are ever identical) children have the opportunity to:

  • Use real tools to build, construct and tinker

  • Build rafts and explore the river foreshore (location dependent)

  • Learn how to light and tend fire using fire steels (season dependent) 

  • Construct cubbies and huts

  • Connect with mentors and leaders

  • Explore nature, find animals, insects and plants

  • Play wilderness awareness games

Each session runs from 9am to 4pm. We have an average staff to child ratio of 1:8. All staff have a Working with Children Check, with at least two staff at each session being first aid trained and at least one with water rescue qualifications (where applicable).

Educated by Nature follow the Natural Cycle as outlined by the 8 Shields Institute of Deep Nature Connection. This cycle is based natural energy flows of the day and fits with our body’s natural progression. For more information on this aspect of our programs see Art of Mentoring.

Spread the word and gather your friends - let’s reclaim childhood within experiences that empower, connect and challenge. Book in for one or multiple sessions!

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