KIN Village – Nature-based school holiday program for older kids

KIN Village Online – Digital connection opportunities for children

Educated by Nature has launched a new online nature connection mentoring program to support children to create nature connection routines at home or in nearby natural spaces, like local bushland.

How it works:

You book a $11 session which includes:

  • A morning 30 minute online gathering with time to get to know the community, then be presented with a challenge and instructions with a demonstration.

  • An afternoon 30 minute online gathering where children are invited to share their stories from the challenge with the rest of the group.

When you book you are sent a link to zoom (a free app to use on a tablet or phone, or a website on a laptop). There is a maximum of 20 children per session. Sessions need a minimum of 4 families to go ahead.

Sessions are aimed at 6 to 12 year olds but siblings of all ages are welcome to be involved. The cost is $11 per device used so one family can share the screen at the one price. Sessions may run over the 30 minute time slot but aim to be finished within 45 minutes. Sessions are hosted by Trudi Bennet or Daniel Burton (Co-Directors of Educated by Nature) with guest ‘challenger’ appearances from members of the Educated by Nature team. Each session has a surprise challenge for a particular theme. Keep an eye on our Instagram and Facebook pages for clues to the challenges in the lead up for each session. Each session will be a mystery challenge to build excitement and wonder. Choose one session or multiple sessions in the series, each day is like a lucky dip! Please note that each session needs to be individually booked and paid for by clicking on the theme links below.

Sessions Themes include: (Click on these links to book into sessions or scroll down for more information on each theme)

Please note that recording of these sessions will be taken for quality and training purposes. Photos and videos of children’s work, children interacting online and mentors leading sessions will be taken and used for marketing purposes online, including on social media. By booking into one of these sessions you are accepting these conditions and giving permission for recording and publishing of your child/ren’s image and work.

Ropes, Tents and Contraptions

Mondays: 9am and 2pm or 10am and 3pm (AWST)
Current dates: 6, 13, 20, 27 April 2020

Learn how to tie knots then practice using ropes and tarps in your backyard to create stable and flexible shelters. We may also have some rope based contraptions for handy outdoor skills or playful fun. A prerequisite for this session is being able to tie your shoelaces.

For this theme some equipment will be required over the 4 different sessions. We recommend that you have the following materials accessible:

  • Rope (preferably 4-8mm thickness and at least 10metres) which can be cut into smaller lengths

  • One plastic bucket with handle

  • At least 5 sticks (1 metre or larger in length)

  • At least 3 tarps of any size Hammer and nails

To book into one or all four sessions click here.

Mindfulness and Sit Spots

Tuesdays: 8am and 1pm or 9am and 2pm (AWST)
Current dates: 7, 14, 21, 28 April

Find some stillness, quietness and peace through learning how to ‘be’ in nature. In the morning, we will lead children through the process of meditation with a nature focus. They are then invited to find a special spot during the day to try out the challenge and then share what they discovered in their spot!

For this theme only a journal and a pencil is required.

To book into one or all four sessions click here.

Bush Craft, Art and Story

Wednesdays: 9am and 2pm or 10am and 3pm (AWST)
Current dates: 8, 15, 22, 29 April

Use natural materials from your backyard or local park to create, make and share. Challenges will range from creating large, small, useful or decorative objects. Challenges may take on the form of stories, poems or songs. Participants will need to wait and see what the challenge brings and what stories it can create.

For this theme we will try and use accessible household supplies. We recommend a journal and a pencil, cardboard, string and PVA glue to be on hand.

To book into one or all four sessions click here.

Animal Tracking

Thursdays: 9am and 2pm or 10am and 3pm (AWST)
Current dates: 9, 16, 23, 30 April

In this series we will explore forming connections with the animals who live near us. Remember, nature is still open! We encourage families to get out and head into wide open spaces to see who else is out there, in the animal form. In the morning we will introduce an animal tracking skill to the children in the group and then send them out into their backyard or a local bushland with their families. In the afternoon children will be invited to share ‘who was out there’ and what they were doing and we will lead a community discussion surrounding the discoveries of the day. Make sure you take photos!

For this theme a blank page journal or scrapbook and a pencil is required along with access to a smart phone or camera for taking photos of animal discoveries.

To book into one or all four sessions click here.

Backyard Cubbies and Camping

Fridays: 9am and 2pm or 10am and 3pm (AWST)
Current dates: 10, 17, 24 April and 1 May

Children are invited to put up a tent or build a cubby, create their own outdoor picnic and find a game to play, then share their stories in the afternoon. Ideas and suggestions in the morning will help children find their own sense of agency to create this adventure for themselves with little help from parents. We are hoping that this session will build a sense of community to substitute those holiday camping trips with family and friends.

For this theme we will help children identify what potential equipment and materials they have at home to create this mini backyard camping adventure.

To book into one or all four sessions click here.