Nature-based programs for Schools

Nature-based Incursions

Our nature-based incursions are designed to connect students (and teachers) with the natural world through play. We believe it is important, and even vital, to connect the heart to nature. This creates an internal sense of why it’s important to change our environmental behaviours, and work to find sustainable solutions for our world. 

The incursions are designed to empower students through the opportunity to develop skills and find individual and collaborative success in the transformation of natural objects. 

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Educated by Nature Incursions Suite

These incursions have been developed for Early Learning Centers and Kindergarten to Year 6. 

They link to the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability and to the learning areas of Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, Design Technologies, Health & Physical Education, Arts and the Early Years Framework. General capabilities of critical and creative thinking, personal and social capability, ethical and intercultural understanding are embedded in all Educated by Nature programs.

All incursions are 1.5 hours in duration.

Incursions themes include:

  • Muddy Gully

  • Imagination Village (suitable for Kindy - Year 3)

  • Tinkering Zone

  • Hut Building

  • Flag Making

  • Fire (season dependent and suitable for Years 3-6)

"Trudi and Daniel, from Educated by Nature, had a wonderful morning bringing Mud Pies Grove to St Hilda’s. It was exciting to see how some extra materials and nature stations could open up new possibilities in the school's Eucalyptus Forest. It was lovely to see parents interacting with their children to take sensory risks while squelching in the clay and making sculptures with their hands and feet. The children loved learning the new skill of working with a whittling tool and sand paper to transform a stick from rough to super smooth. There was also lots of creative play as the group engaged in making potions, building cubbies, constructing miniature worlds and creating nature crowns. We look forward to hearing stories of how Mud Pies Grove inspired more outdoor learning opportunities to promote creativity, independence and risk taking as well as understanding of the natural world."

Camilla Knight, St Hilda’s Anglican Girls School