Nature-based programs for Schools

Online Professional Learning Workshops

Educated by Nature’s Professional Learning workshops are now available online. These online masterclasses will help you take learning outside to utilise and access the fresh air nature provides! We will inspire and equip you to take this step and create opportunities for children to learn within nature.

This masterclass is presented in the format of a live webinar hosted by Daniel Burton and Trudi Bennett. The format allows for you to contribute to discussion and ask questions, plus you can access a copy of the webinar after the session finishes. An audio-only version is also provided for those who prefer to listen.

Everyone who registers will receive a PDF handout with resources and research for later reference, plus a video and an audio recording of the webinar.

The following topics are available online. See details below for current scheduled sessions and follow the links to book online.

Sensory Risk Taking: More than just the five senses

Date: Wednesday 30 April, 2020
Time: 7.30 - 9.00pm (Perth, Australia, AWST)
Cost: $30

Multi-Sensory experiences are vital for healthy brain development. Nature provides positive sensory opportunities and creates memorable learning experiences. It engages creativity and problem solving, promotes relaxation and the development of affection for nature. We will discuss the science behind developing multi-sensory integration and how to facilitate activities that challenge both children and adults.

We will also discuss how to design lessons that incorporate sensory materials and experiences to enhance knowledge retention in an outdoor learning environment. In the Department of Health, Social Distancing Guidance resource, schools are recommended to “Conduct lessons outdoors where possible.”

Let us help you transition to outdoor lessons through information on childhood development, stories from our experience, and discussions about how educators and parents can support children in sensory risk-taking.

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Nature Connection Routines

Date: Saturday 16 May, 2020
Time: 10.30am - 12.00pm (Perth, Australia, AWST)
Cost: $30

Connection within nature is crucial to our personal development, mental wellbeing and physical health. It is becoming more and more important to explore this sense of connection in our world today. Connection is enhanced when we also practice developing our connection to community. In this time of physical distancing and isolation, we learn new ways (and ancient ways) to connect socially and with nature.

Inspired by the 8 Shields Institute and the work of Jon Young in the USA, we explore some simple routines to start integrating mindfulness, gratitude, wondering, creativity and games as a way to enhance learning and ‘being’ within nature. We’ll share some key skills required for a journey in becoming a nature mentor.

This is a two-hour online retreat for teachers to connect to self, connect to nature and connect to others through discussion and by joining us outside with your device for some facilitated nature connection routines.

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An Educators’ Balancing Act

Date: Thursday 28 May, 2020
Time: 7.30 - 9.00pm (Perth, Australia, AWST)
Cost: $30

During this current time of anxiety and disruption in our community, it is more important than ever to provide opportunities for children to learn outdoors in ways that help them to ‘be themselves’. It is also a healthier option and will work towards both keeping children healthy and slowing the spread of viruses and colds. In the Department of Health, Social Distancing Guidance resource, schools are recommended to “Conduct lessons outdoors where possible.”

Let us help you transition to outdoor lessons through stories from our experience, the attributes necessary for connection to self, nature and community, discussions about barriers and ideas for implementation.

Nature helps children come alive with motivation, curiosity and engaged learning. It takes courage and trust for teachers to break the mould and challenge current pedagogy Educated by Nature encourages teachers to find the balance between connected, engaging student learning opportunities and meeting the mandated curriculum policies set by government bodies.

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"I just want to say thank you SO much for inspiring me yesterday with your amazing PD. Your passion and dedication is so obvious and I am so grateful to have experienced that. I've got some great ideas after hearing from you and I can't thank you enough, your presentation was wonderful. The children, parents and educators of WA are very lucky to have you!"

Brooke Healey, Bold Park Community School