Campfire Conversations – Ep# 28 – Celebrating the Friction


Celebrating success and achievement comes naturally in our task-oriented society. We feel pride when we complete a challenge, overcome adversity or master a skill. However, we often need reminders about the importance of acknowledging the process and celebrating when things don’t go quite to plan, but we continue on anyway. Our tag line at Educated by Nature is, ‘Resilience through Connection’. We strive to support children (and adults) develop resilience as a core skill that supports us when things don’t go as planned. One way we do this is by celebrating and honouring failure.

In this episode of Campfire Conversations, entitled ‘Celebrating the Friction’ Daniel Burton (Co-founder of Educated by Nature) and Nadia Robinson (Nature Playworker) discuss the importance of supporting children to persevere through tough times. They consider how adults working with children are able to support children in these moments, rather than rescuing them when the going gets tough. When adults sit with children in those uncomfortable feelings and use language that honours the process or acknowledges frustration, we build the child’s capacity to persist and not give up.

The Educated by Nature team offer school holiday programs and afterschool programs involving fire as well as an incursion for schools and Early Learning Centres to help educators see fire as a teaching tool and educational experience.

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