Nature Connection Series # 6 – Environmental Stewardship

“[In nature] you can learn more and pass it on to other people”

Noticing small changes in the ecosystem and developing a curious mind increases feelings of empowerment and assists children in the protection and regeneration of the environment. Gaining location specific knowledge increases not only connection to that space but opens their eyes to familiar elements in their larger environment and greater desire to explore and understand the bigger world. This naturally leads to sharing that information and gaining allies in the fight to defend our natural resources.

This video captures the essence of ‘The Nature Connection Series’, a brand new 8-week, immersive program delivered by Educated by Nature with the aim of supporting teachers to see the potential of local bushland and nearby outdoor spaces, engaging students Deep Nature Connection. This project was made possible through a partnership between Educated by Nature and WA Parks Foundation, supported by Australian Gas Infrastructure Group, involving four Public Primary Schools in the Perth Metro and Peel Region.