Campfire Conversations – Ep#19 – Play:Ground – Morgan Leichter-Saxby – Children roles in Adventure Playgrounds


For decades, Adventure Playgrounds have provided platforms for children to act out those things ‘playing’ on their minds. Play in unstructured environments, were children are asked to make their own rules, challenge themselves, develop the community themselves allows children to mentally process big feelings, worries, concerns and on a subconscious level, make sense of the world around them.

The children who visit Play:Ground, ‘a big grassy square full of junk’ in New York City have an opportunity to build, construct, create and PLAY in a landscape that allows them freedom to explore both the physical and emotional world.

In this episode of Campfire Conversations, Daniel Burton speaks with Lead Playworker and world leader in Playwork, Morgan Leichter-Saxby about the roles that children play in developing the playscape in an Adventure Playground.

“Violence in the adult world leads children, quite properly, to play at violence. How else can they prepare themselves emotionally, intellectually, and physically for reality?” Peter Gray

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