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KIN Village - School Holiday Programs Perth

Educated by Nature’s KIN Village out of school programs are an opportunity for children to reclaim childhood within experiences that empower, connect and challenge. KIN Village provides opportunities for true connection; to nature, to peers and to themselves. The programs aim to support children to feel fully alive in their place.

Children who attend KIN Village have the opportunity to be outside all day; to build bush huts and primitive shelters. There is opportunity to adventure in local bushland areas and explore the joys of the Swan River foreshore. They will also play wilderness awareness games and cook lunch ‘out in the wild’.

Perth Out of School Programs - Educated by NatureWhen given permission to truly play, children open up to the possibilities around them. As a result, they ask questions, they challenge themselves and others, they solve problems and experiment with life. Through play children feel comfortable to share their gifts and are open to receiving skills and expertise from others. When given time and guidance from a community of supportive mentors, children find gratitude and connection to community. Children forge new friendships that blossom over the day (or multiple days) at KIN Village. Those friendships are rekindled the following holiday when they reconnect over shared KIN Village experiences. This process also widens their social circle and expands a child’s friendship networks.

At KIN Village, Educated by Nature mentors say YES to children, the environment says YES to children and they invite children to say YES to themselves. Through experiences that require perseverance, courage, curiosity and stillness, children build healthy habits and resilience.

KIN Village sessions are designed for children aged 6 – 12 and are offered at multiple locations. Bookings for the coming holidays are open – book through our website.

 “Out of school programs can play a valuable role in buffering children against some of these problems. Such programs have more autonomy than the schools to design settings that support skill acquisition without emphasizing differences in children’s abilities and talents. These programs can allow children to safely explore independence, peer relationships, and leadership. They can provide opportunities for children to form long-lasting relationships with adults outside their families. Programs with these characteristics will not only support healthy, positive development during middle childhood, they will also put in place the kind of safety net needed to support healthy, positive passage through early and middle adolescence.”  Maggie Dent – Out of School Programs and Middle Childhood
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