Peaceful Parenting – Is this a myth?

Mud Pies - 021 [Deprimo Photography] copyPeaceful Parenting. Is this a myth? An unattainable goal? At times I certainly think this to be the case. Peaceful Parenting sounds like a great idea in theory but my reality often feels as though it’s at the other end of the scale.
Schedules, expectations of myself (and that I place on my children) and tiredness often result in situations that I had never intended or hoped for when I imagined what our household would be like with children.

08-09 [Mudpies] - 030 [Deprimo Photography]

Don’t get me wrong, there are peaceful and calm times but then all of the ‘good stuff’ suddenly feels undone by a five minute outburst – either from one of the kids or a parent-tantrum

I know I need to model behaviour that I would like my children to learn. I know that my kids are much calmer when I am calm. I just need to be reminded – consistently.

Mud Pies Nature Playgroup has been a wonderful reminder for me. Every fortnight, rain or shine or in-between, my son and I have been making time to enjoy the peace of magical outdoor spaces, new sensory experiences and the company of other families.

We tried other playgroups when my daughter was younger. I often found that I would come home more exhausted than when I left and by the end of the session the kids seemed to be bouncing off the walls and the noise had reached levels that would give a nightclub a run for its money.08-09 [Mudpies] - 069 [Deprimo Photography]

But outside, under the shade of the trees and with freedom to explore activities at our own leisure, I found my son to be calmer. Happier. More peaceful. I unexpectedly found this for me too.

I’ve not mastered Peaceful Parenting. I’m not sure that I ever will. But I will cherish the quiet and wonderful memories my son I are making together at Mud Pies.

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