Nature Connection Series # 1 – Developing a Sense of Self

“[Nature connection] is more than just education, they find a sense of themselves”

Finding one’s place in nature reinforces a child’s sense of self-worth, power to enact change and gives them a voice for feelings that may be hard to express in a traditional school setting. Being aware of ourselves, our actions in that space and our belonging to a space are all important aspects that lead to environmental stewardship. Here at Educated by Nature, we support teachers to utilise Nature Connection Routines as a way to connect students with the local environment with both heart and mind.

This video captures the essence of ‘The Nature Connection Series’, a brand new 8-week, immersive program delivered by Educated by Nature with the aim of supporting teachers to see the potential of local bushland and nearby outdoor spaces, engaging students Deep Nature Connection. This project was made possible through a partnership between Educated by Nature and WA Parks Foundation, supported by Australian Gas Infrastructure Group, involving four Public Primary Schools in the Perth Metro and Peel Region.