Nature Connection Series # 2 – Outdoor Classroom Success

“The kids that don’t necessarily see success in the classroom are coming out of their shells”

Outdoor Learning challenges teacher pedagogy and practice long after the students have left the outdoor space! Teaching in outdoor classrooms enhances learning whilst in the natural spaces but beyond that, the experience continues to influence learning back in the classroom. “Outdoor learning not only addresses content across several learning areas, it is uniquely placed to address general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities of the Australian Curriculum.” (Australian Curriculum).

This video captures the essence of ‘The Nature Connection Series’, a brand new 8-week, immersive program delivered by Educated by Nature with the aim of supporting teachers to see the potential of local bushland and nearby outdoor spaces, engaging students Deep Nature Connection. This project was made possible through a partnership between Educated by Nature and WA Parks Foundation, supported by Australian Gas Infrastructure Group, involving four Public Primary Schools in the Perth Metro and Peel Region.