Nature Connection Series # 3 – Core Routines

“The ultimate outcome for this entire series is for the kids to learn confidence in themselves”.

Spending time outdoors is incredibly valuable. It contributes to both our physical and mental wellbeing, promoting activity whilst providing a sense of connection and belonging. Developing safety and security in outdoor settings provides children with skills to help regulate their own emotions, assist in problem solving and create deeper connections with their local environment and those around them. When teachers utilise the outdoors as a learning environment, they are not only supporting children’s academic needs, but support the child in a more holistic way. 

This video captures the essence of ‘The Nature Connection Series’, a brand new 8-week, immersive program delivered by Educated by Nature with the aim of supporting teachers to see the potential of local bushland and nearby outdoor spaces, engaging students Deep Nature Connection. This project was made possible through a partnership between Educated by Nature and WA Parks Foundation, supported by Australian Gas Infrastructure Group, involving four Public Primary Schools in the Perth Metro and Peel Region.