Educators with a Passion for Play

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This week Trudi and I have spent time developing content for our upcoming conference with Maggie Dent. We’ve therefore been reflecting on the underlying elements we feel are crucial to ‘Belonging and Being in Nature’! As part of this development time I stumbled across an incredibly inspirational video from the people at Territory of Play that truly spoke to my heart. It outlined the ‘back to basics’ approach that underpins our Educated by Nature programs and calls for educators, families and society to really observe how, where and why children play.

Watching this video took me back to the experiences I’ve had at Bold Park Community School (BPCS), participating in deep, reflective conversations led by our mentor, pedagogue and friend Gillian McAuliffe. A crucial part of my time as a teacher at BPCS was observing children’s play, interpreting the subtle messages their play was communicating and then resourcing their environment with materials and opportunities that would allow the extension of this play (and as a result, their learning).

Trudi and I are passionate about our role as mentors within the educational community. We have always enjoyed participating in and leading discussions that challenge, inspire, excite and ignite passion surrounding the ways in which educators can work alongside children to provide opportunities for deep connection with nature through play.

We are excited to announce our inaugural, monthly Teacher Playdate on Wednesday 17th March (4pm – 5pm). We invite passionate educators to join us via Skype for a free conversation and discussion surrounding the ‘Territory of Play’ within Australian schools. This networking opportunity provides a place to share stories, ask questions and challenge current practice.

Register your interest here.

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