Regional Tour 2021 – Amity Health

In 2021 Fay undertook a regional tour, travelling to Narrogin to work with Amity Health at their East Narrogin Primary site. She provided incursions for children in the Ready Set Go program. This was a return to familiar for Fay, who was a Ready Set Go educator during her time in Bunbury.

What is Ready Set Go?

The Ready Set Go program is available to children in the years leading up to formal Kindy enrolment. It helps expose them to routines, activities and experiences that they may have when they enter formal education. Ready Set Go can be an especially important program for children who will face additional challenges integrating into Kindergarten. This includes children whose primary language is not English, children experiencing speech or medical challenges, as well as children facing life situations that may impact their development.

Fay’s Journey

As the Incursions Officer at Educated by Nature, Fay has delivered incursions across metro WA. She was super excited to bring them to a regional centre. Over seven sessions the children at Amity Health experienced the full suite of Educated by Nature incursions – Muddy Gully, Hut Building, Imagination Village, Tools and Flag making.

Fay had to work hard to gain the trust and inclusion of this cheeky group of children. Slowly, as they spent more sessions together, the children opened up and not only played alongside her but spoke to her (a very huge moment).

With the wonderful support of Kirsten and Nola from Amity Health, as well as the children’s parents, the group built cubbies to eat morning tea in, used tools to drill holes and saw wood, made magic potions and played in the mud. No matter the weather they found a way to incorporate nature into their play sessions.

We wish the children and their families luck as they transition to big school. Hopefully we get to see them again on our next regional tour!