Sit Spot Quick Tips

Is your household a little chaotic at the moment? Is there a lot of noise from everyone being at home ALL DAY together. While the opportunity for connection and family time is a welcome one in our fast paced world, it’s important to remember that everyone needs their own space and time to be still… That’s where the Sit Spot comes in…

In this quick video, Daniel (apparently feeling very fluorescent) gives some simple tips to help you and your family find their very own Sit Spot. A Sit Spot is an important nature connection routine that helps you find stillness and connect with the nature around you (even in your back yard!).

So, find a spot and sit!

We also highly recommend watching this video if you will be joining Daniel and Trudi for the Mindfulness and Sit Spots sessions for KIN Village Online!

At Educated by Nature, we believe very strongly in the power of connection – Resilience through Connection is our guiding vision. We need regular moments like these in our lives to help us feel connected. Connected to ourselves, connected to one another and connected to nature.