A Day at KIN Village

12994568_1742167252693334_7301239143775459041_nA mum asked me today how she could describe what the kids would be doing at KIN Village, to her son. This is a really tricky one as we never really know in advance what will happen.

If we feel that the atmosphere needs a bit of an adventure, we’ll take the group for an explore up the river or maybe we’ll play a game. The only guaranteed thing is that we’ll stop in the middle for the lunch we’ll cook ourselves. This holiday we are using the ‘dead leaf’ powered Kelly Kettle to boil water with fire in a magical way.at KIN Vilage, to her son. This is a really tricky one as we never really know in advance what will happen

12993582_1742167162693343_7643579952153542177_nOur staff have a deep respect for children’s ability to imagine and create a playful world for themselves and their friends. We use our experience to identify what a child needs at a particular time including resources, space, guidance and supervision. But most of all we allow children to be children and give them the opportunity to spend a whole day outside with a community of kids. This is the secret to why many kids say it was ‘one of the best days of their lives’.

Our program is different to most other school holiday programs as it has a very flexible structure. We provide the children with resources for building (carpentry, tying, whittling) which they can use to make things out of wood and sticks, build cubbies or rafts. We provide materials for nature art too and sometimes gther groups of interested kids together for a quick skill mentoring workshop.

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