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Educated by Nature: A Social Enterprise

From the very beginning, Educated by Nature has chosen to be a Social Enterprise – an organisation with the mindset of a business and the heart of a not-for-profit. We are registered and operate as a company. Daniel Burton is our Chief Executive Officer and Trudi Bennett is our Business Development Manager. We act for…

Sing-a-Long: The Fly Song

When Daniel and Trudi first launched Educated by Nature 5 years ago, Mud Pies Nature Playgroups is where it all stared. Sessions for 0 – 5 year olds and their parents in local bush land spaces. Magical moments of exploration, nature connection, simple carpentry, story telling, adventure, risk, mess, and we couldn’t forget, MUSIC. Ukulele…

The Power of Gratitude

To notice the intricate beauty in the world around us and to be grateful for such beauty is a powerful tool. It’s a skill that requires time, conscious thought, repetition and modelling. It can be a powerful contributor to a more positive outlook on life and a gateway to deeper connection to the natural world.