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Daniel is the co-director of Educated by nature; a teacher, nature educator, ukulele player, singer and advocate for children.

The Power of Gratitude

To notice the intricate beauty in the world around us and to be grateful for such beauty is a powerful tool. It’s a skill that requires time, conscious thought, repetition and modelling. It can be a powerful contributor to a more positive outlook on life and a gateway to deeper connection to the natural world.

Holding space for grief

Holding space for grief looks different for different circumstances, but the purpose is the same – supporting the people we care deeply for to find acknowledgment and acceptance for their feelings. As community members, parents, uncles, friends, neighbours, employers, colleagues and human beings, we need to support our kin in this time of turbulence.

Children can be risk assessors too…

‘Be Careful’ is a phrase that has become all too common in parent-child relationships. Of course we want our children to be safe, to not get hurt and ensure that the decision that they are making are thought through, considered and well executed. However we cripple children’s ability to self monitor and assess risk for…

The value of Self, Environment and Community

The three-way relationship between self, environment and community is recognised and celebrated here at Educated by Nature. The combination of these three forces is essential in the development of resilient, healthy and happy community members. The books, Childhood and Nature: Design Principles for Educators (David Sobel), Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature (Jon Young), and…